Alice Lancaster
at Three Squares Studio
Winter 2016


Alice Lancaster is a painter and designer known for her humorous and colorful exploration of female sexuality, body and mind. Lancaster typically works from photographs, some she’s taken herself, and her subjects range from close friends to strangers with imagined stories. Pop-culture has been major a influence on her work, especially television shows like Seinfeld and The Dick Cavett Show. Dance is a strong influence as well: Lancaster is always experimenting with shape and color, often pushing her figures into complete abstraction and forcing the viewer to search for the figure in a sea of lines.

Born in 1985 in St. Louis, Missouri, Alice comes from a family of artists. In 2007, she moved to Chicago, Illinois to study at Columbia College, with a focus on photography and portrait illustration.  In 2012, she moved to New York and began creating portraits of comedians and characters from television shows and movies. Shortly after, she was commissioned to draw portraits for the book ‘A History of Sluts’, as well as a limited edition series of unique, hand-painted leather jackets by VEDA featuring iconic individuals. Since then she has worked on many collaborations, including a design for American Apparel with Petra Collins, artwork for Feelings Soft Art with Dev Hynes and most recently created the textile design for the 2016 Calvin Klein Resort Collection with Francisco Costa.

Press: The Le Sigh