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le mise |luh • mēez| v. the putting of the proper thing, in the correct place

mise-en-scene |mēez • än • sen| n. the arrangement of scenery and stage properties in a play to create a unified world

Le Mise is a Brooklyn based art and design advisory firm. Guided by the concept of mise­-en­-scene, we consider the environment as a whole, marrying works of art and design that enhance the energy of a room and how one lives within a space. With a vast network of contemporary artists, designers and artisans, we work closely with clients at all stages and curiosities to integrate art and beauty into their lives.



Art & Design Advisory

Le Mise is a client­-driven art advisory that offers unique guidance and expert insight into the collection of contemporary art and design. Whether you are a curious art lover or a hungry collector, we customize our service based on your personal aesthetic and goals. With deep ties to the international art world, we work with makers, creators and artisans across the globe to find exactly what our clients are looking for.

We begin with an in­-depth discovery process that allows us to define your personal aesthetic and unearth your inner collector. By learning how you live within your home and the energy that you want to cultivate, we act as matchmakers introducing you to works that are uniquely you. Our method of sales is a romantic one, built on discovery, education and above all else, an intimate connection with the piece.


Treasure Hunting

  • “The beautiful is always strange. It always contains a touch of strangeness, of simple, unpremeditated and unconscious strangeness, and it is that touch of strangeness that gives the object its particular quality of beauty."

    — Charles Baudelaire

  • “There is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness in the proportion.”

    — Edgar Allen Poe

All one needs to be an art collector is curiosity and an individual point of view. Our team caters to all sensibilities and specializes in hunting down obscure objects. Whether you are searching for a 19th century map with sea monsters, a meteor to put on a custom bronze stand or a neon light piece made in your own handwriting, we will find that special treasure you desire.


Art Styling

As our name suggests, we are specialists in putting the right thing in the right place. We understand the value of conversation between artworks that are thoughtfully arranged. Regarded as experts in mise­-en­-scene, our team has been sought after for both private and editorial styling projects, spanning from interior design to look-book styling. Perhaps you are looking to move an existing collection into a new space, perhaps you are looking to breathe new life into an existing space, or perhaps you want some expertly composed photographs, we will provide a fresh perspective that will make your collection feel site-­specific anywhere.



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